Residency program for emerging international curators


Application deadline: 3 June 2019
Duration: 16 September – 31 October 2019
Location: Vienna, Austria


• Want to gain first-hand curatorial practical experience in one of the most vibrant art hubs in Europe?
• Looking to improve your curating skills in a highly international setting?
• Motivated to connect with notable agents of the Viennese contemporary art scene?
• Eager to create connections with peers coming from different parts of the world?

Curators’ Agenda: VIENNA 2019 (C’A)
 aims to answer your specific professional aspirations and to provide you with a unique first-hand curatorial experience during a 6-week residency program in Vienna.


C’A offers:

• In-depth exploration of the Viennese contemporary art scene
• A platform for cultural exchange and collaboration with representatives of the Viennese contemporary art community
• Possibility for individual professional growth and international networking
• A unique opportunity for implementing the “lessons learned” through organization and realization of a mutual group show


For whom is the C’A designed?

Emerging curators from all around the globe who seek to discover the Viennese contemporary art scene in-depth and create a network of contacts as well as to gain additional theoretical and practical experience in curating.


C’A program:

• Weekly theoretical workshops
• Project management workshop
• Lectures & Talks with established curators and cultural educators from leading institutions, off spaces as well as with freelance operators
• Studio visits
• Co-curating of the mutual group show realized in partnership with the University of Applied Arts Vienna


Alongside organising a mutual group exhibition with students from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, as the final part of the program, the C’A participants will also be provided with know-how modules and workshops related to exhibition management and production.

The participants will receive the certificate of the C’A program completion after finishing the residency.


C’A application:

Up to 10 applicants will be selected to take part in the C’A program. Working language is English.

Please send us your CV (one A4 page) and letter of motivation (one A4 page) with emphasized special field of interest by
3 June 2019 to

Selected participants will be notified several days after the deadline.


C’A program fee:

The cost of the program is EUR 1500.
The registration fee is additional EUR 50.

The program fee includes:

• Entry fees for museums and other special events
• Workshops and lectures
• Production costs of the group exhibition
• Local cell phone cards


Note: Bank fees and wire costs should be covered by the participants. Please take this into account when making a payment.

Selected participants should make a payment in advance, no later than 10 June 2019.
In case of cancellation, later than 15 June 2019 all fees will be non-refundable.

All inquiries regarding the program can be directed to





More information about this year’s program you can find on the following link:

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