Duration: 16 September – 15 December 2019
Locations: Vienna, Kharkiv, Kyiv
Project partners: Ukranian Institute (Kyiv), Plan B Fest (Kharkiv), IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives (Kyiv), Second National Biennale for Young Art (Kharkiv)


In the light of 2019 – the bilateral “Year of Culture” between Ukraine and Austria, BLOCKFREI has created a project “The New Scene of Ukraine” with the idea to present the potent and emerging cultural associations from Ukraine, in order to connect them with their Austrian colleagues for the purpose of exchange of ideas and to lay a foundation for their potential collaboration in the years to come.

Scope and format of the project will consist of several aspects:


Study Visits & Residencies

• Seven-day Study Visit to Ukraine (Kharkiv and Kyiv ) for 2 selected Austrian based curators and art critics (17 – 22 September 2019) with support of Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv and in partnership with Ukranian initiatives, IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives (Kyiv) and Second National Biennale for Young Art, and Flanders Arts Institute (Brussel).

• Six-weeks residency in Vienna in the framework of the Curators’ Agenda program for 2 selected emerging curators from Ukraine (September – October 2019) with support of the Ukrainian Institute in Kyiv


“Plan B in Vienna” two-day program (December)

• Speed networking with the idea to boost the exchange and network creation among Ukrainian and Austrian cultural professionals;

• Lectures and Public Talks, with the aim to give Austrian audience a broader context into the current state of the affairs in Ukraine and reflecting on its historical, political and cultural aspects, as well as to highlight the role of the civil society in achieving the social change;

• Evening Film Screenings of Ukrainian most recent and progressive film productions;

• Evening DJ Performances (Austrian and Ukrainian performers);


Throughout the program, we will present Ukrainian cultural associations, artists and collectives, who will take part in the aforementioned activities and discuss the topics related to art and activism, culture and community, as well as their role as activators of social change.

We will also introduce representatives of the Ukrainian and Austrian governments who will present to the audience official programs that are supporting the enhancement of mobility opportunities and exchange between the two countries.


The project aims to:

Enhance mobility between the two countries and facilitate the exchange in the field of arts and culture
Enable higher visibility of the Ukrainian art and culture in the Austrian context by promoting emerging civil society actors of the Ukrainian cultural scene
Promote innovative civic initiatives that use activism as a tool for contributing to individual, personal development as well as development of the new, modern and prosperous Ukraine
Promote Austrian art scene to the visiting Ukrainian guest, peer to peer exchange among the project participants
Provide support and encourage the development of Ukrainian culture and art scene by exchange and collaborations with their Austrian colleagues
Shedding light on the opportunities and threats in the cultural civil society sector


Expected results are:

Enhanced mobility between Ukrainian and Austrian cultural operators
Mutual learning and knowledge expansion, transcultural exchange and peer to peer learning
Creation of professional network among young, emerging, up-and-coming as well as established professionals in art and culture from Ukraine and Austria
Specific know-how sharing, knowledge enhancement via tailor-made learning (Curators’ Agenda)
Learning more about the Ukrainian context and recent history developments
Exchange of good practices from Austria in the sphere of civil society
New collaboration projects between Austrian and Ukrainian organisations


Project is aimed at:

Professionals in the field of contemporary art and culture from Austria and Ukraine
Representatives of emerging civil society organisations in the field of art and culture in Ukraine
Curators and Art critics from Austria and Ukraine
Representatives of official institutions (Ukrainian Institute, International cooperation departments in the BKA, Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna, etc,)
A professional community of scholars that is engaged in the Ukrainian question
The cultural scene in Austria



The project “The New Scene of Ukraine” is supported by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Ukrainian Institute, Austrian Cultural Forum in Kyiv.


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